A postpartum doula is someone who is dedicated to providing open-hearted care and guidance to new mothers and their families following the birth of a child. Aiming to transform the current postpartum experience of depletion and exhaustion, I am showing mothers that with the right support and nourishment, they can emerge from those first few weeks of new parenthood strong, healthy and radiant. 

Proper nourishment and support during the postpartum period is critical and has lasting effects for the entire family. A woman who is fed well with nutrient dense foods will better replenish her minerals, vitamins and nutrients which means she's less likely to suffer from issues down the road such as bone density loss, thinning hair, hormonal imbalance, difficult menopause, etc. Additionally, a woman who is well-cared for will have more energy to give to others. The mental and physical health of the mother should be the priority during this time- that is what will enable her to give the best care possible to her new child. 

As a postpartum doula and chef, I get to be the answer to every new mother's prayers on a daily basis. Drawing on my lifelong love of food and holistic wellness as the foundation for my own life and support of my clients, I have a deep passion for maternal health and wellness and believe that food plays a vital role in healing during the postpartum time. The old ideas of new motherhood as this time of complete exhaustion and depletion just don't hold up anymore- that truly does not need to be the reality! I've witnessed a 46 year old first time mom recover more quickly than a 30 year old first time mom, simply based on lifestyle choices. Providing postpartum doula and chef services to women across Los Angeles for the past five years has given me unique insights into the needs of postpartum mothers and it fills my heart with so much joy to be able to share all of that wisdom with my clients. 




I believe in practicing radical non-judgment and that the most important offering one can make to another person is to allow them the dignity of their own choices and the support to create whatever life they want to lead.  Everyone has the right and the ability to heal themselves, be radiant and live a life they truly love. I would love to support you on your journey.

*Radiant Woman is dedicated to providing support to all who identify as female- physically or otherwise. We offer support, regardless of race, creed, nationality, gender identity, sexual preference or any other identification method. Additionally, please do not let a lack of funds prevent you from seeking the support and/or help that you need. Please contact me and I will find a way to support you. All are welcome in this space. 

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