Postpartum Doula Services

Thank you for your interest in my postpartum doula services! During the postpartum period, I am there to nurture and support both the mother and the family as a whole. I serve as a guide who answers questions and provides much needed assurance from a gentle, non-judgmental, holistic perspective, allowing you to develop your own unique parenting style. My goal as a postpartum doula is to offer just the right amount of knowledge and support to empower you to embark on your parenting journey from a confident, informed space. 

Postpartum Doula support can include:

- emotional and physical support for the mother as she recovers from birth

- newborn care: education and soothing techniques

- meal preparation: I offer meals that are especially nourishing for the postpartum mother. meals can be made just for the mother or I am happy to feed the whole family. 

- normalizing the postpartum experience: when you first become a parent, it's easy to feel isolated and not know whether your experience is typical. having an experienced postpartum doula by your side to reassure you can be invaluable. 

- unlimited phone and email support before and after birth

- baby-wearing education

- lactation cookies: I can prepare vegan and paleo lactation cookies for you in your home

- breastfeeding support 

- private prenatal and postpartum yoga and meditation sessions

- basic infant massage

- baby laundry

- accompany mother and baby to doctor appointments

- shopping

- provide professional referrals as needed